An oasis in the desert, Vegas offers a ton by way of entertainment and luxury. As part of our More-Than-Gambling Vegas itinerary, we packed more than the typical shorts and bikinis (although those too!). We did extend beyond our typical Carry On Only rule with luggage in order to pack in both alcohol and my thinnest yoga mat. A few Las Vegas packing tips before we dive into the full list:

  • Sunscreen – Plan ahead with travel size sunscreen or if you’re into reduce / reuse / recycle like us, we just filled a smaller glass Tupperware with our larger sunscreen bottle. The sunscreen is insanely expensive at resorts and even the CVS, so plan ahead if possible. I knew they wouldn’t have my favorite and EWG certified sunscreen, so that was easy to justify including in my luggage space.
  • Coffee – Coffee in the room isn’t free! What world am I living in? Knowing this in advance we may have packed our fancy instant coffee or the Trader Joes brand of instant iced coffee. If you’re like me and need to have coffee before working out, this is a cost you should know in advance, otherwise pack it in advance or plan to make the trek to the lobby every morning to buy coffee.
  • Hiking Clothes – One of the best parts of the Vegas trip was our hike our to Red Rock Canyon. It is similar to hiking in the Grand Canyon or Arizona with the desert dust and direct sun. We planned ahead bringing our PFG tops and easy hiking shorts. Patrick even brought dedicated hiking boots, although it is not necessary for many of the trails there.
  • Packing Cubes – This was my first trip using my new packing cubes and I must say, I am a fan! Vegas is the perfect trial run since there are easy ways to segment. I had 3 cubes I brought: Bikini Cube, Hiking / Workout Cube, Cute Clothes Cube. It was easy to bring out a cube at a time depending on our activities and not go digging around the suitcase.
  • Less is More – Vegas is known to be a little more….colorful with wardrobe. The best part about going to a dessert is embracing the shorter/smaller clothing. I was able to pack more by skipping the maxi dress and jeans and opting for the fancy shorts and short dresses instead. Less material means more space for variety.
  • CVS / Walgreens is a great back up for any missing pieces, including drink mixers, cold brew coffee, sunscreen and snacks. Given we brought a whole water bottle of vodka we filled up on large club soda bottles to keep in the room.

If you’re looking at an empty suitcase wondering what to pack check out our must brings below:

SuitcaseTravel OutfitSneakers / Hiking shoesSnacks (Justin’s PB, nuts)
Backpack2 Short Summer DressesPFG Top for hikingSunglasses
Plastic bag for dirty clothes3 Pairs of Cute ShortsAthletic ShortsMakeup
Cross Body Purse3 Sleeveless Tops3 Biker shortsSunscreen
Packing CubesStrapless Bra3 Shirts/TanksHat
 Undies3 Sports BrasToiletries
 Wind breaker (mostly for the Vegas Sun)SocksGlasses
 Scarf (to double as a cover if restaurants are cold)Spi beltPhone / iPad chargers
 PJsArm bandiPad
 SandalsHair tiesComb
 2 BikinisAirpods chargerEar Plugs
 JewelryAirpodsCamelbak Water bottle of Vodka
 Flip Flops Travel Yoga MatMagazine / book
   Empty reusable water bottles

Anything else you put on your packing list that we missed? Would love to hear about it!

Posted by:Allie

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