Who knew there was a such a question that could exist? If you’re used to western style self pump machines, be sure you know what you’re getting into if you’re renting a car and driving around New Zealand.

Business hours matter

Most of the gas stations across New Zealand will be small 2-4 pump stops. Keep this in mind if you’re driving in the early hours or late at night, as gas stations are not open 24-7 like they are in the US. If there is an issue paying for gas you don’t want to be caught in the middle of the night without an option to fill up. We ALWAYS went inside to pay because our cards gave us an issue paying outside or at the pump.

Pin or no pin, credit or debit

It depended on the pump which type of card had better luck – sometimes it was credit, other times it was debit. If the machine does ask for a pin though, this is not the same as the zip code associated with the credit card. It’s always most reliable to go into the gas station and pay the attendant directly as the pin / no pin is not an impact to filling up.

Pay before or after pumping?

It depends on the station. We had both! You may spot a metal rectangular box either among the pumps or by the door to the gas station convenience store which is where you would pay with credit or debit card when filling up rather than the individual pumps. It varies by station whether you fill up before or after, although I was taken aback with how trusting the gas stations were in New Zealand. Anytime we would fill up first, then go inside to pay, I was shocked at how easy it would be to “steal” gas by just driving away. I’m sure they have cameras, but even still, a very trustworthy bunch!

Enjoy your next gas station stop in New Zealand and safe travels on the road!

More New Zealand and Australia articles to come – stay tuned!

Posted by:Allie

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